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Top Places to See in Rye

Rye is a town steeped in history, beauty and nature. If you are visiting East Sussex, Rye is definitely a place to put on your list to visit. Here are our top places to see when visiting the historic town.


Lamb House is a National Trust site based in Rye, holding literary associations to both Henry James and E.F Benson. Both lived in the brick fronted Georgian house, with one of the oldest gardens in Rye. Henry James’ friend designed the garden as it can be seen today, and also holds the graves of James’ cherished dogs. Both the ground floor and gardens of Lamb House are now open from Friday through Tuesday with no booking needed ahead of entry. The house has its own history and settled in the middle of Rye, it’s a definite place to visit.


Rye Castle Museum and the Ypres Tower are another sight to be seen when visiting the town, and offer a lot to explore. The tower is open every day throughout the year, with the museum being open from April until October. Entry to the museum is free, but donations are always appreciated due to their position as a registered charity. The Castle holds many different artefacts and historical details about the town, so is well worth a visit for anyone who takes a trip to Rye!


One of Rye’s top beauty spots is the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. With stunning sights, a promenade that stretches to Winchelsea and a wide variety of wildlife and nature. Over 4000 species live in the reserve, and is a perfect place to relax, take a stroll and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. The reserve is ideal for families, and is quite a spectacular picnic spot. Their café along the trail is a great stop off for, and the reserve is placed right next to Camber Castle, another great place to explore. For more information on the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, be sure to read our blog dedicated to the reserve.


Lastly on our top places to visit has to be Mermaid Street. The quaint cobbled street is a firm favourite for both historians and millennials alike. The beauty of the street makes it an Instagram hit for the younger visitors to Rye, and the character it holds is simply put a must-see sight for visitors to the town. The street is lined with houses either side, beautifully picturesque and perfectly preserved and is certainly a place to visit when visiting Rye.


Rye has endless places to visit and explore, but our top sights to be seen in this blog are sure to begin your adventure in an impressive way.