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Top Tips for making the most out of your beach days


Heading into summer can only mean one thing – our pretty English beaches are sure to be filled with holiday makers enjoying the sun. Packing for a day at the beach can be quite a stressful task, trying to remember all the items you need to bring, as well as getting you and your family sorted to be up and out early enough to make the most of your day! We’ve collated some helpful tips to take one less thing off your mind ahead of your beach days.


Tip #1: Pack your beach bag the night before.

This may seem like a simple solution, but remembering to pack your beach bags the night before can be a life-saver. Utilising your time will help to prevent making your morning even busier whilst trying to get out the door. Bringing all of your items together the night before will solve your stress of trying to leave early, as well as reducing the likelihood of any important items being left behind!


Tip #2: Bring everyone beach towels and a picnic blanket.

Whilst taking one towel between two may be a great space saver, you’ll find it more beneficial to have one towel each in the long run. The combination of swimming, building sandcastles, and trying to sunbathe can often result in a concoction of substances living on your towels. This is where having a picnic blanket comes in handy. Use your picnic blanket as a sand-free-zone, for those who don’t like to swim or just wish to sunbathe. It will also be the perfect spot to each lunch on – just make sure everyone dries off first!


Tip #3: Take several different strengths of SPF’s.

It’s important to remember that the strength of the sun may change from your doorstep to the beach front, and that it may also change throughout the day. Taking more than one factor of sun cream will allow you and your family to stay protected from the sun, whilst allowing yourself to tan if you want to! Another handy tip is to smother your family in sun cream before heading to the beach, providing them with one level of protection when they arrive – potentially giving yourself a little longer before having to brave the sun cream and sand application process.


Tip #4: Choose a spot with both sunshine and shade.

Choosing a spot in the shade may feel like a bad idea when you first arrive, but throughout the day, a little relief from the sunshine may come in handy. A shady spot is also the perfect place to put your food cooler and drinks, as well as giving your kids a spot to sit in if they get too hot. As the sun moves throughout the day, hopefully your shady spot will move around your picnic blanket, ensuring you and your family remain protected from the sun.


Tip #5: Bring plastic bags.

Plastic bags are an essential at the beach. They are versatile and can be used for a whole raft of things to make your beach days less stressful. A common query is what to do with rubbish when you’re in the middle of a beautifully long and sandy beach. By bringing a few plastic bags with you, it means you can simply pop all your rubbish into one throughout your day, then dispose of it in a public bin, or take it home when you come to leave.

Plastic bags are also great for putting wet swimming costumes in. When you or your family want to change into warm and dry clothes, having a plastic bag to put the wet ones in prevents your beach bag getting wet, sandy and salty. If you would prefer a more environmentally friendly option, swap out the plastic bags for reusable carrier bags – that way you can tip your rubbish out, and clean the bag when you are home ready for next time!


Tip #6: Bring the three B’s.

Remember to bring the three B’s; Bug spray, Baby wipes and Balls. These three items may not spring to your mind as essentials for your beach day, but they all have a purpose that will help you enjoy your day that little bit more. Bug spray is an easy way to not worry about any little creatures that may be attracted to you, your family or your picnic! Baby wipes are a simple solution that can help you to reduce the amount of sand and sticky fingers that come close to your picnic, blankets, and car. Bringing a pack of baby wipes will help you to make sure clean hands are easily accessible throughout your day. Lastly, a ball or two are the perfect activity at the beach, using them in water or on the sand, the games are endless and are perfect for all the family to enjoy. They take up very little room in the car too!


Tip #7: Add a flotation device to your keys.

If your little one’s love splashing around in the sea, you may find your perfect beach spot close to the waves. Keeping an eye on your valuables may become one of the things on your mind that are less important, so attaching a floatation device, or a cork, to your keys, purse or phone case could be a life-saving tip just in case your little haven gets absorbed by the sea.


Tip #8: Always pack more water than you think you will need.

Watching the waves and enjoying the sun often means that our beach days go much faster than we anticipate. One of the things you never want to be short of is water. Packing extra water will ensure you don’t run out, or leave anyone in your party dehydrated. Another fun tip is to fill up water balloons or ice lolly moulds the night before and freeze them, then in the morning add them to your cool bag and enjoy them frozen or defrosted as a cool drink!


Tip #9: Pack a jacket or a coat.

Once the sun begins to set on your beach day, you or your family may be in need of an extra layer on the walk back to your car. Being prepared and having an extra jacket or coat will ensure no one gets cold, meaning your beach day has its perfectly relaxed ending, as well as giving you a peaceful journey home!